ABOUT Dan DiMonte

Chicago native Dan DiMonte is a rare talent in the San Diego music scene: undeniable virtuosity on trumpet, guitar, piano, bass, organ, and percussion — lyrics bursting with intention against a universal heartbeat — and a pure voice channeling mature emotions with pop-friendly appeal.

Far from occupying space in the ubiquitous “eclectic genre,” his music mirrors the true human experience we’ve been missing; Innovative “come up music” drawing from vivid memories and Midwest roots — filtered through a soulful Italian lens. Since landing in San Diego, DiMonte has written songs in collaboration with the San Diego Songwriter’s Group ( “Heart to Heart”), and performed on numerous local R&B, Folk, Jazz, and Indie Rock showcases.

DiMonte enjoys a unique dual career as a Performing Artist and Traveling Nurse; touring the U.S. extensively as a solo, duo, and trio act, and weighing in on medical politics as a guest R.N. on popular podcasts like Adrianne Behning's “Nursing Uncensored” in Iowa City. In five years, he has worked at hospitals in four states, directed and shot several music videos, and released 5 albums on his indie label, “Funky Night Nurse Sounds and Sights.”

Inspired by classic and contemporary R&B, folk storytelling, jazz, country, and Latin sounds, DiMonte’s latest release, “The Best of the Midwest Variety Hour,” tells two distinct stories: “A Man Goes On A Journey” and “A Stranger Comes To Town.” Written and produced on the road with a mobile recording studio, the album immerses listeners in a series of jolting epiphanies, intriguing casual encounters, and disarmingly honest portraits of life; played out through a variety of sonic moods and impeccable production.

Coming off the heels of two successful cross-country tours, the Dan DiMonte Trio is in the midst of performing concerts in select cities across San Diego County. His 6th studio album, “The Coronado Kid: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack,” is set for release in late 2019. Expect passion, soothing energy, and endless possibilities from one of modern music’s most fascinating new voices.